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🤔 General Questions About CFD

What is a CFD?

A Contract for Difference (CFD) is a financial derivative that allows traders to speculate on the price movements of assets without owning the underlying asset itself. Essentially, it’s a contract between a trader and a broker to exchange the difference in value between when the contract is opened and when it is closed.

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What can I trade with CFDs?

CFDs cover a wide range of markets including stocks, commodities, currency pairs (Forex), indices, and even cryptocurrencies.

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How does CFD trading work?

When you trade a CFD, you’re agreeing to exchange the difference in the price of an asset from the point at which you open your position to when you close it. You can enter a ‘buy’ position if you think the asset’s price will rise, or a ‘sell’ position if you think it will fall.

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Is CFD trading suitable for everyone?

No. CFD trading involves high risks due to the leverage provided by brokers. This means potential for high returns, but also significant losses. Only traders who understand these risks and have a risk management strategy should consider CFD trading.

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👉🏼 All About CFD in South Africa – You Ask, We Answer.

Question #QuestionAnswer
1What is a CFD?A financial derivative for speculating on asset price movements without owning the asset.
2What can I trade with CFDs?Stocks, commodities, Forex, indices, and cryptocurrencies.
3How does CFD trading work?Speculating on the price difference of an asset from opening to closing the position.
4Is CFD trading suitable for everyone?No, it involves high risks due to leverage.
5How is CFD trading different from traditional trading?You don’t own the asset in CFDs, only speculate on its price movement.
6What are the costs of CFD trading?Mainly the spread, potentially also overnight or commission fees.
7What is leverage in CFD trading?Allows trading by depositing a fraction of the full trade value, amplifying potential gains and losses.
8Is CFD trading regulated?Depends on the country, but many have regulatory bodies for CFDs.
9Can I lose more than my deposit in CFD trading?Yes, but many brokers offer negative balance protection.
10How can I start trading CFDs?Choose a CFD broker, set up an account, and start trading, preferably with a demo account first.
11What’s the difference between CFDs and futures contracts?CFDs don’t have set expiration dates like futures and are typically settled in cash.
12Do CFDs have an expiration date?Generally no, unlike other derivatives like options or futures.
13How are profits and losses calculated?Difference between entry and exit price, multiplied by the number of contracts and adjusted for leverage.
14Why do traders use CFDs instead of owning assets?For leverage, hedging, and ability to short sell.
15Can I short-sell with CFDs?Yes, one of the advantages of CFDs is the ability to speculate on falling prices.
16Are dividends considered in CFD stock trading?Yes, if you have a long position, you may receive an equivalent payment, and vice-versa for short positions.
17Is there a minimum contract size for trading CFDs?Yes, it varies by broker and asset type.
18Are CFDs tax-efficient?Tax treatment varies by country and individual circumstances. Consult a tax professional.
19How do I manage risk in CFD trading?Use stop-loss orders, limit exposure, diversify, and employ sound money management practices.
20What’s a margin call in CFD trading?A broker’s request to deposit more funds due to insufficient margin to cover potential losses.
21Can I use CFDs for long-term investing?CFDs are more suited for short-term trading due to overnight financing costs.
22Do all brokers offer the same leverage?No, leverage varies by broker, asset, and regulatory environment.
23How do overnight charges work?A fee for holding a position open overnight, calculated based on the broker’s interest rate differential.
24Can I lose my entire investment with CFDs?Yes, and potentially more if the broker doesn’t offer negative balance protection.
25How quickly can I start trading after opening a CFD account?Depending on the broker, often within a day after verification and depositing funds.
26Are CFDs available in all countries?No, CFDs are prohibited or restricted in some countries.
27How do I choose a CFD broker?Consider regulation, platform, fees, leverage, available markets, and customer reviews.
28Can I practice CFD trading without using real money?Yes, many brokers offer demo accounts for practice.
29What is slippage in CFD trading?When an order is executed at a different price than expected, due to market volatility.
30How is CFD pricing determined?Based on the underlying asset’s market price, plus or minus any spread or adjustments.
31Are CFDs affected by market hours?Yes, though some brokers offer out-of-hours trading for certain markets.
32Do I need special software for CFD trading?Most brokers provide online platforms or apps, though some traders use additional software for analysis.
33Is CFD trading similar to Forex trading?While both involve speculating on price movements, Forex focuses solely on currency pairs.
34How do I close a CFD position?Via your trading platform, often by executing an opposing trade.
35Can I set automated rules for opening/closing CFD positions?Yes, using features like stop-loss, take-profit, or trailing stop orders.
36How does volatility impact CFD trading?Volatility can lead to larger price swings, potentially amplifying profits and losses.
37What’s the role of a CFD broker?To provide a platform for trading, execute trades, and often provide leverage and market data.
38Are profits from CFD trading guaranteed?No, CFD trading is speculative and involves risk.
39Can I trade CFDs on commodities like gold and oil?Yes, many brokers offer CFDs on a range of commodities.
40How do corporate actions affect CFDs?Events like stock splits or dividends can adjust CFD positions or result in credits/debits to your account.
Question #QuestionAnswer
41Is CFD trading legal in South Africa?Yes, CFD trading is legal in South Africa, but it is regulated.
42Who regulates CFD trading in South Africa?The Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) is the primary regulatory body overseeing CFD trading in South Africa.
43How popular is CFD trading in South Africa?It’s increasingly popular, especially among younger investors and those looking for short-term speculative opportunities.
44Can South Africans access international CFD markets?Yes, many international brokers offer services in South Africa, allowing access to global markets.
45What are the tax implications of CFD trading for South Africans?Capital gains from CFD trading may be subject to taxation. It’s crucial to consult with a local tax consultant to understand specific implications.
46How do I choose a reputable CFD broker in South Africa?Ensure the broker is licensed by the FSCA, and also consider factors like fees, trading platforms, and customer reviews.
47Are there any local South African CFD trading platforms?Yes, there are local brokers and platforms catering specifically to the South African market, though many international platforms also operate in the country.
48What’s the minimum deposit required for CFD trading in South Africa?This varies by broker, but some platforms offer accounts with minimal initial deposits, sometimes as low as a few hundred rands.
49How does currency fluctuation impact CFD trading for South Africans?If trading on international markets, the ZAR (Rand) exchange rate can influence the cost of trades and profits/losses when converting back to local currency.
50Is CFD trading considered risky for South African investors?CFD trading carries significant risks everywhere, including in South Africa. Leverage can amplify both gains and losses.
51How can South Africans enhance their CFD trading knowledge?Many online resources, courses, and local seminars cater to South African investors. Some brokers also offer educational materials and demo accounts.
52Are there CFD trading communities or forums specific to South Africa?Yes, there are several online communities and forums where South African CFD traders discuss strategies, share insights, and provide market analysis.
53Do South African brokers offer tutorials or demo accounts for CFD trading?Yes, many brokers provide demo accounts and educational materials to help beginners understand CFD trading.
54What are the most commonly traded assets in CFDs by South Africans?Popular assets include major global indices, commodities like gold and oil, forex pairs, especially involving the ZAR, and major global stocks.
55How does political instability in South Africa affect CFD trading?Political events can influence the ZAR and local asset prices, which can in turn impact CFD trades involving these assets.
56Can I trade CFDs on South African stocks?Yes, many brokers offer CFDs on major South African stocks listed on exchanges like the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).
57What hours can I trade CFDs in South Africa?Trading hours depend on the market. For instance, JSE-listed stocks follow JSE hours, but forex or international indices can often be traded 24/5.
58Are there any restrictions on CFD trading for South Africans?The main restrictions would be those imposed by regulatory bodies like the FSCA for protection against fraudulent practices and excessive risk.
59How are earnings from CFD trading in South Africa repatriated if trading with international brokers?Some banks might have affiliated broker services that offer CFDs, but always ensure these services are FSCA-regulated.
60How are earnings from CFD trading in South Africa repatriated if trading with international brokers?Earnings can usually be withdrawn through the same methods used for deposits, such as bank transfers, e-wallets, or credit cards, but it’s essential to verify with the broker.
61Is leverage regulated in South Africa for CFD trading?Yes, the FSCA sets guidelines on the maximum leverage brokers can offer, but it’s crucial to check specific limits with individual brokers.
62How can I lodge a complaint against a CFD broker in South Africa?Complaints can be directed to the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) or the relevant ombudsman service in South Africa.
64Are there specific CFD assets that are more popular among South African traders compared to international traders?While global assets like major indices, gold, and forex pairs are universally popular, South African traders might show keen interest in local assets, such as companies listed on the JSE or commodities significant to the region like platinum.
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